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African Pastors’ Conferences exists to glorify God through Jesus Christ in enabling Pastors to lead Christ-exalting Biblical churches as Christ-like servant leaders through the faithful ministry of God’s word in preaching and leading Bible-studies.

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Though often heralded around the world as a great centre of Christianity, sub-Saharan Africa is overrun with churches preaching a mix of Prosperity Gospel and Traditional African Religion. Such false teaching prompted Pastors Erroll Hulse and Irving Steggles (both with the Lord) to meet in 2005 about the possibility of training conferences for African Pastors.

African Pastors’ Conferences was borne out of a great desire to see churches in Africa undergo reformation, to become more Biblical in their teaching and practice. The initial run of APCs occurred in January of 2006. For the first two years, APC was a January-only phenomenon. In subsequent years, APC continued to add conferences, eventually producing conferences throughout the year. This growth resulted in the necessity of hiring a full-time Conference Manager to coordinate day-to-day operations. APC now conducts around 60 conferences in at least fourteen different African countries.

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