Session 3: The Biblical Church has the 66 books of the Bible as its foundation.

Pastor Michael Marsland
Pastor Michael Marsland became a Christian at age sixteen and discovered the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ - saved out of a cult called Christian Science. He is married to Gillian and they are blessed with many years of marriage. Michael entered the pastorate at age 23 and has served Him ever since. He was the first full time employee of APC. Michael is Pastor of Christ Church Horison, a member of the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa. He has taught diploma students at Mukhanyo Theological College from time to time and has periodically assisted the police in counselling victims of crime. He studied at the Bible Institute of South Africa and at Trinity Ministerial Academy in New Jersey, USA.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019
The Defining features of a Biblical Church.
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In this session we learn that 66 books as the foundation of a biblical church.

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